Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday's favorites.

This Sunday's Favorites feature is dedicated to Lisa & Caroline of the Num Num Chronicles. Their blog covers everything from food adventures, cooking/baking, innovative and inspiring cocktail recipes, supper clubbing, gardening, gifting, and entertaining (to name but a few). The pair pool their resources and expertise to create a chronicle of all things food related, in the most enticing & accessible way possible. Recently, they have began hosting an underground supper club with their gourmet chef friends and a cohort of hungry sympathizers who are all too happy to attend. We always love hearing about their culinary adventures and are sure that you will too. Have a look at these little excerpts below and tune in to their blog for more of the gorgeous bounty of ideas that they are always cooking up.

Eat well,


All photographs via the Num Num Girls

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