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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guest speaker.

Every Sunday we want to share with you new favorites and old standby's from our bank of must read blogs. This week being our first, we thought we would share what we consider to be the mother of all must follow foodie blogs:

Their tag line, "for people who love to eat", pretty much says it all. From recipes and menus, restaurant news and reviews, guides of every variety, video tutorials,  and community forums -- whether you enjoy cooking or have every takeout joint in your neighborhood on speed dial, chances are they have something for your appetite. This site is an institution and they really do keep their finger on the pulse of the food world (when we re-opened, for example, they were on it like that).

Here is some food porn from their site, to see more, click here.

smores sammies with banana

candied bacon

 cheesy rice balls

What makes the prospect of sharing our favorite blogs with you so exciting is that never before has the conversation on food been so rich and diverse. These days you can read the point of view of just about every imaginable aspect of the food industry, from the doers & the makers to the consumers & the critics: the restaurant-philes; the eat at home revolutionaries; urban rooftop gardeners; pastry chefs pushing the boundaries of the medium; restaurateurs documenting their process and journey; and the list goes on, because, let's face it, we all love food and most of us like talking about it, too.

We like to keep up with the community that we are so proud to be a part of, so if you know of any interesting blogs you think we would like (about the foodie world and beyond) please pass them along! Even if (or especially if) it is your own!

Eat well,


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