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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ta-da! Grace Notes NYC and the Spicy Rizzak!

Last week Grace Yang of Grace Notes NYC came in to shoot a tutorial with us on how to prepare the sandwich of sandwiches, our Spicy Rizzak. Learn the secret to our addictive chipotle mayo and see how the tastiness comes together in our Rivington Street kitchen. She did an awesome post about it on her blog, which we have pasted below.

If you aren't familiar with Grace Notes NYC yet, you definitely should be. What began as a way to keep her friends and family in the loop on her new life in New York has become an amazing guide to her culinary adventures in the City that anyone (related or not) would enjoy keeping up with. Have a look!

The video will be posted on the Food Network's blog soon too! Thanks, Grace!

Eat well,


Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop

By grace.g.yang · July 8, 2010
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Last week, I went to Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop on the Lower East Side to meet with Dave, the new owner of the shop:
Tiny’s has been around for 10 years but recently switched owners; Dave kept the menu entirely the same and even kept the same employees! In fact, one woman has been preparing sandwiches at Tiny’s for the entire 10 years the restaurant has been open.
Tiny’s is very well known for their awesome sandwiches – their most popular one might be the Spicy Rizzak, which Dave showed me how to make. Here’s a video of how to make it:
The finished product comes with a side of chips and a pickle:
The sandwich oozes cheese and the chiptole mayo really adds a great kick at the end – I can see why the spicy rizzak is the most popular sandwich! Also, you can request that the sandwiches be made vegetarian, so you can still enjoy their bestseller even if you don’t eat meat.
Dave was very friendly and definitely puts a lot of hard work into keeping Tiny’s great. He also owns the restaurant a couple doors down (Neighburrito) – definitely check out Tiny’s the next time you’re in the neighborhood (I’d venture to say it’s worth a special trip to the LES since their sandwiches are so good!)
Me and Dave after shooting the video:
A huge thank you to Miranda and Dave for coordinating the video – I had a great time!

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