Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Essex Street Maket, we hope to look that good at 70.

The beauty and the tragedy of New York City is that it is always changing. If you haven't been in a neighborhood for a few years, chances are half of the shops and restaurants you knew it for won't be there when you return. That is what makes longevity such an admirable trait in this town. In a city where storefronts turn over at head spinning rates, the ability of one business to sustain itself decade after decade is no small feat. In this vein, allow us to introduce our neighbor at the corner of Essex and Delancey, the landmark that is the Essex Street Market. Through many ups and downs, this space was brought back from the brink of extinction in the mid 90's and has since flourished and thrived, now housing a diverse and delicious roster of specialty food vendors serving everything from waffles to order, Porto Rico Coffee, fresh fish, meats & fine cheeses, to fresh produce and non-perishables. Stroll in Monday - Saturday from 8am - 7pm and see what we mean. You'll be happy that they stuck it out as long as they have (70 years!!!). We can only wish the same for our little shop. 

Eat well, 



Views of back then, we love our neighborhood!

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