Friday, June 11, 2010

Grand Opening.

Our neighbors Grand Opening, right down the block from us at 139 Norfolk Street, have an amazing ever evolving space that has transformed from a drive-in movie theater to an interactive dinner party, a trade school to a ping pong tournament, and so many other concepts. The collective behind the storefront reinvents their theme twice a year, starting from scratch each time. At only a few weeks old, their current installation of a functioning wedding chapel has us completely amazed. This would be such an amazing space to be married in, it's intimate, fun, fleeting, and unlike any other chapel we have seen. The idea of collaborating with them and their space through your big day is also pretty compelling. But, you will only have the chance for the next six months! You'll have to lock your situation down to make it in time. You and the wedding party are welcome to join us at Tiny's for a little post-ceremony sammy reception. 

Eat (and marry) well, 


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