Sunday, June 6, 2010

In the hood!

We are obsessed with the Tenement Museum's walking tours in the Lower East Side. It's so amazing that we get to have access to such a a unique group of curators and dedicated museum staff that are just as interested in our neighborhood as we are. If you don't have time to pound the pavement, pop in for visit to the museum itself, housed in a preserved tenement building. 

"We tell the stories of 97 Orchard Street. Built on Manhattan's Lower East Side in 1863, this tenement apartment building was home to nearly 7000 working class immigrants. They faced challenges we understand today: making a new life, working for a better future, starting a family with limited means. In recognizing the importance of this seemingly ordinary building, the Tenement Museum has re-imagined the role that museums can play in our lives."

Take a look at how the original Lower East Side dwellers lived, and stop by afterwards for a sandwich and tell us what you thought about it!

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Check out their blog, too!

all images via The Tenement Museum

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