Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday's favorites.

Downtown Lunch, the 'southern' offshoot of Midtown Lunch, is one of our favorite sites for keeping up with all of the highs (ridiculously delicious flavors) and lows (for cheap!) of daytime dining in downtown Manhattan. Consider it a comprehensive guide to what they describe as "the adventure of urban lunching" replete with forums, links, listings, happy hour roundups and much, much more. They cover such an incredible variety of cuisine, all of which is on the pocket friendly side ($10 and under), and create seriously handy cheat sheets for those times when you finally decide to brave that new food cart but have no clue what to order, or find yourself in an obscure part of the island without your food compass.

They covered our reopening ("Downtown Links (The Sandwich Shop Returneth" Edition" - we hearted this headline!!!) and included one of our all time favorite portraits of the Rizzak, courtesy of Serious Eats:

Downtown & Midtown Lunch (with coverage on Philly and LA, too!) is such a fantastic resource and we look forward to continuing our reading; keep up the good work guys!

Eat well, 


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