Friday, August 20, 2010

LES Weekend Guide.

Be a history detective!
The last History Hunt of the summer! Hosted by Bowery Boogie and the Tenement Museum, their final History Hunt winner is in for the best prize of the season. Try and guess the address of the picture below, click here for clues and the deets! 

Kids aflame!
See Arms at Pianos on Saturday at Pianos, if you don't know them then you should!

Dumpster Diving!
Although this is not technically taking place in the LES, we couldn't resist posting about the last opportunity that you will have all year to swim in a dumpster in the middle of New York City. Go to Park Avenue between 40th & 41st streets to claim your wrist band and get in on the action.

Wings of Desire!
One of our favorite films at our favorite neighborhood theater, catch Wim Wenders classic film "Wings of Desire" at Anthology Film Archives, screenings Saturday at 9pm & Sunday at 6pm. 

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