Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday's favorites.

When we heard that there was a lady named Sally living for a month off of only legit street truck food, our ears perked in interest. We are not talking talking stands or carts, just literal trucks, and in a city that seems to be crawling with them, we wonder how much of a challenge this will be? Considering that she has devoted all three daily meals to the project, and the trucks are by nature mobile, we would imagine it could turn out to be a considerable one, full of scavenging walks tracking down their locales, then line time, followed by lots of messy and hasty chowing. Don't get us wrong, the city is full of delectable truck-born treats, and we will definitely be tracking this challenge, but we can't help but feel quiet relief for our customers who are offered a seat with their sandwich purchase. If you are curious as we are, follow her challenge here.

Eat well,



Below, a small sample:

the dudes at Wafels and Dinges, one of her most recent haunts. All photos courtesy of Food Truck Sally.

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